artecetera supports autonomous artists who feel free to do what they want to do.
an exceptional platform for idiosyncratic cross-over artists free from boundaries, rules, restrictions or determining categories.

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A memorable group visit to artecetera's home base in Tielrode's former shipyard.
3500m2 arranged as one big ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’: a world of kaleidoscopic artworks, and a melange of contemporary art and collectible design.
It is all about discovering everyday things that are far from ‘ordinary’…

An inspiring guided tour in an intriguing world where the taste buds can be indulged as well with a food-scenography on contemporary silver and table jewelry.

Tielrode is a hidden gem in a vast river landscape. Combine your visit to ‘atelier lachaert dhanis’ with discovering this breathtaking region.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, an appointment or reservation.


05.10.19 > 26.01.20
artist-friends Antonino Spoto and Anne Marie Laureys Ceramics in the exhibition 'Memento Mons'
Memento Mons, the BAM as one large Wunderkammer
concept & scenography atelier lachaert dhanis / lsd2
05.10.19 > 26.01.20
Embark on a journey of discovery.
Cabinets with a curious collection of historical pieces in an entourage of contemporary objects balancing on the border between visual art, craft and design.
A contemporary cabinet of curiosities, a tribute to the 'Wunderkammer', in which universal notions of ‘vanitas’ are deconstructed and underlined.
The concept of 'memento' is just as relevant and current today as it was in the time of the Romans. “Look behind you! Remember that you are only human!” the slave whispered into the ear of the victorious general during Roman triumph. [Tertullian]
In essence, nothing has really changed ...

A Kassen / Alejandro Monge / Alexandre Humbert / Alexis Arnold / Andrea Mastrovito / anne marie laureys ceramics / Antonino Spoto / Arnaud Sprimont / Boaz Arad / Bosco Sodi / Bram Vanderbeke / Caroline Andrin / Dan Wolgers / David Altmejd / Elisa Insúa / Gil Shachar / Huub Vinken / John Isaacs / Jonathan Callan / Justine Smith / Kristof Kintera / Levi van Veluw / Li Hongbo / Maarten Baas / Maddalena Ambrosio / Maria Nepomuceno / Marion Auburtin / Mark Wagner / Mehdi-Georges Lahlou / Miler Lagos / Nicola Bolla / Nobert Ghisoland / Nora De Rudder / Otis Laubert / Philippe Luiz / Richard Hutten / Richard Stipl / Rogan Brown / Therese Lebrun / Wim Botha / Zeger Reyers 

BAM, Beaux-Arts Mons / Rue Neuve 8 / 7000 Mons
BeCraft / Mons
Galila's collection (P.O.C)