artecetera supports autonomous artists who feel free to do what they want to do.
an exceptional platform for idiosyncratic cross-over artists free from boundaries, rules, restrictions or determining categories.

From a distance, we are still close by...

First of all, we want to express our support in these confusing times.
And yet - as contradictory as it may sound - this is at the same time a meaningful period 
in which we revalue silence and slow down;
a time to reflect on what really matters ...
an unpredictable time full of uncertainties, 
in which we, as artists, try to contribute by bringing - sometimes unexpected - beauty and wonder.

The venue in Tielrode is temporarily closed for the public,
but we will not let you down and have some new projects coming up to bring a morale boost.

Artecetera's spring activities have also been canceled for the time being 
(including the group visits in Tielrode, the guided visit to the Van Eyck exhibitions in the MSK and Design Museum Ghent and the cultural trip to the Bizarium museum in Sluis).
After this turbulent storm is over, artecetera will surprise you with an exciting summer program.
So make a note in your agenda 
(the dates can of course still change in the course of this crisis)
from ... - 6 September: 'Kleureyck' - Design Museum Ghent
25 - 28 June: Art Brussels 2020
atelier lachaert dhanis represented by Galerie Zink
1 - 21 July: 'Honey me' - Tielrode
no honey without bee; a group exhibition about vulnerability and sweet comfort
a joint project with Nadja Zerunian
1st week of August: concert MA-festival Bruges

Escape from the daily routine and follow us virtually. 
We take you through our biotope, keep you informed about our future activities 
and will make you eager to visit the expo 'Kleureyck' in Design Museum Ghent.

We wish you good health and would like to keep in touch with you ‘from a distance’!

Pick a date, all year round: 
A memorable group visit to artecetera's home base in Tielrode's former shipyard.
3500m2 arranged as one big ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’: a world of kaleidoscopic artworks, and a melange of contemporary art and collectible design.
It is all about discovering everyday things that are far from ‘ordinary’…

An inspiring guided tour (starting at €15 pp), in an intriguing world where the taste buds can be indulged as well with a food-scenography on contemporary silver and table jewelry.

Tielrode is a hidden gem in a vast river landscape. Combine your visit to ‘atelier lachaert dhanis’ with discovering this breathtaking region.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, an appointment or reservation.