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31 March 2019 ... a Sunday trip with Bram Vanderbeke ...
Artecetera supports autonomous artists who feel free to do what they want to do. Free from boundaries, rules, restrictions or determining categories.
This year, upcoming talent Bram Vanderbeke, will be put in the spotlight.
He colours outside the lines, somewhere between art and design; his work is sculptural, monumental and functional; balancing between brutal and sensitive, rough and poetic. 
For artecetera he is working on an exceptional exhibition with 'outdoor work'. Mark July 21 in your diary with the following note: "sculpture garden in a summer atmosphere at the venue of atelier lachaert dhanis

As an intro we would like to invite you for a Sunday trip, with Bram as guide, on March 31, 2019.
Doors are opened especially for artecetera:
Welcome at 10h30 in Atelier Jespers in Brussels where 'inside work' by Bram Vanderbeke can be seen.
In the afternoon, artecetera provides an original picnic at the exceptional location of Zaventem Ateliers, a 6000m2 'creative hub' for all-round artists, a brainchild of Lionel Jadot. This is followed by a guided tour through the artists' studios, including Brut Collective.
Feel free to join later or leave earlier if you can not free yourself the whole day.

Registration is required through e-mail vzw@artecetera.be.
We then send you a reply with confirmation, practical information and administrative details.

An inspiring trip for € 45 per person.
Artecetera members enjoy a special friend's prize € 35. Discover the different memberships here.