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21 july - 25 august
‘Inside Outside - architectural objects’
A duo-expo with ‘outdoor artworks' from Bram Vanderbeke (BE) and architectural jewelry from Karin Johansson (SE),
​​​​​opening 21 july from 2pm till 7 pm
Supported and hosted by atelier lachaert dhanis TIELRODE
Both artists are  colouring outside the lines, somewhere between art, design and collectible design. 
Bram's work is sculptural, monumental and functional; balancing between brutal and sensitive, rough and poetic. 
For the exhibition he has a collection of new works for 'outdoor'; for garden, street or a park.
Karin Johansson's necklaces are a colourful graphic amalgam of handmade elements in enamel, plastic, and precious metals, plus crushed and “reconstructed” stone. 
“The inspiration and the starting point are architecture walks." Karin explains. “Simply by drawing a line in the picture and connecting the ends, then picking up the colours, I discovered a necklace giving hints of houses, streets, trees, water, sky, lines, and directions."